Economic Drivers

Industry statistics and leading business experts state that theme parks throughout the world are not always profitable as a stand-alone business, as a substantial amount of investment capital is required.
Theme parks are known to play their role as economic drivers. It is believed that the location of a theme park should be decided only after assesing the population of a particular region, the economic needs of the area, as well as other environmental impacts.
The Western Sydney Theme Park is a service organisation.  Therefore, its key business drivers include cash, profit, assets, growth and people.
At lower and marginal levels, profitability for the operator can be challenging. This usually happens when the reinvestment expenses and the cost of land are not included in the calculation. As a result, a financial gap between the required investment in creating the park and the anticipated costs can emerge.
The Western Sydney Theme Park is realistic in that it recognises that it too can face future challenges. It realises that unexpected concerns like economic recession, or political descisions can also affect the establishment, development and growth of the Park. If the federal government revises its current taxation policies, which unduly affect efficient business growth, The Western Sydney Theme Park may face financial challenges. We remain confident though that both major policical parties in Australia remain committed to helping the growth of the Western Sydney economy.