Precinct Plan

The primary role of the proposed Western Sydney Theme Park is to recapture the huge gap left in the NSW tourism economy by the departure of a previous theme park in the region. Along with this we hope to capitalise on the potenial to turn it into an entire entertainment and leisure venue.
The new theme park will open up numerous investment and development opportunities for an area where planning policies are aiming to establish a new economy.
Western Sydney Theme Park Ltd has a vast precinct plan, including its location, facilities, Master Plan and park layout.
The park will offer as part of its primary attractions, an extensive water fun park, and wildlife park.  The secondary facilities will involve such things as a state of the art bowling alley, cinemas and an ice skating rink.  Supporting this will be a choice of hotels and motels to suit varying budgets, as well as a selection of restaurants which cater to different types of food, including both sit down, and takeaway options. Additional facilities hope to include public parks as well as nightlife aimed at various adult age groups.
The organisation of Western Sydney Theme Park has under development, a Master Plan to provide the opportunities for ongoing business expansion. By considering these facilities in the theme park and the potential for business expansion, additional facilities can be introduced as the trends change.  
The Park layout will be the preferred 'loop' layout, which is also the most common layout used by theme parks. This layout is a big promenade that keeps the park in a circle. The reason behind the conception of a loop layout is that it is easy for the visitors to commute from one place of the park to the other.
The Master Plan will involve segregation of Sydney’s Wonderland from the proposed Water Park and Wildlife Park, with all three linked via spaces and commercial activities completely open to public. Such layout would allow for maximum commercial activity outside of the parks, increasing guest per cap spending both within the boundaries of the theme park, as well in those businesses externally located.