The Future

The growth of the Park will expand as patronage increases, allowing for the rotation of attractions, new themed development, and an increase in the variety of facilities and amusements.  The introduction of new themes would emerge according to the trend or popularity of the time, offering additional unique experiences for all of our guests .
Additional planned attractions of the theme park are the nightlife venues, outdoor activities, and public parks. Further future expansion could also include a golf course and concert facility.
Emerging technology will also play an instrumental role in the development and future of the Park.  As amusements and attractions become more sophisticated and technologically driven, incorporating these types of amusements into the park will help to provide the latest thrills and excitement to all guests, providing 'must do' attractions, and increase entertainment to new levels of excitement to draw in patrons.


Technology will be intergrated into the fabric of the park. This will including free WiFi access, smart queuing technolgy, and provide opportunites for guest to interact with the park through various social media channels in real time during their visit.