The Proposal

Sydney’s evolving tourism market urgently needs a destination that promotes a family-friendly social environment, a dining and cafe culture, all coupled with vibrant night life.


The Western Sydney Theme Park will be built to entertain customers in a multi-themed approach. It aims to provide a wide choice and flexibility of entertainment options catering towards to all demographics. 

Single themed tourism offerings historically provide very poor returns to stakeholders. This can lead to closures and job losses which impact harshly on an area's social fabric and that of the local economy. 
The Western Sydney Theme Park's objective is to provide a new and exciting tourism destination, located close to major facilities, that would create a vibrant and playful entertainment location as well as secure ongoing economic growth in the region.
Theme parks attempting to establish and operate on their own are notoriously prone to economic hardships and eventual failure. The Western Sydney Theme Park's business model provides sufficient progressive returns which aim to minimise debt, and hence eliminate what is one of the greatest threats to any business.
The theme park will be built in the economic heartland of NSW, with a young, strong, local population. It will appeal to both locals as well as domestic and international tourists.